Blur, Cody・Lee(李) | Coast Is Clear


Blur «The Narcissist» – okay, now that comes as a real surprise, at least to me. The British “BritPop” legend Blur has not only released a new single, but will also release a complete album in July. Wow. For me, as a big fan since the early 90s, it’s of course a great thing – and the anticipation is increased by the fact that “The Narcissist” is really, really great. Blur at its best. By the way, they are on tour in the UK right now and will be doing some festival appearances in the rest of Europe as well. The band is always an experience live.

Cody・Lee(李) «Dancing Lights» – my blog doesn’t fully reflect the extent of it, but I’ve been listening to an awful lot of Japanese music for months and come across cool new acts almost every day. This indie band here has been active for a number of years and has already garnered a large following with their very pleasant, very Japanese, very catchy style.


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