Cinema is an art that, year after year, harvests thousands of followers around the world. Those who really fall in love with this world do not hesitate to adapt their homes and lifestyles around their favorite movies and series.

Therefore, the posters mexico of movies and series have become a growing trend in recent years, surpassing even the decorative paintings. We are not only talking about the main posters, but also shots of different scenes or even photos of the main actors.

In this opportunity, we share some of the most iconic styles of these posters that cannot be missing in our home if we are true fans of the seventh art, from Star Wars to Kill Bill

How to decorate with movie posters?

1. Caricatures:

Caricatures of various actors and actresses are an excellent decorative resource. If we have an idol, what better than to immortalize it in a distinctive caricature. Poster stores are sure to offer many such products.

If we do not find printed designs of our favorite artist, surely there are many online poster shops Mexico where we can order the caricature on request, made by artists specialized in decorative paintings.

2. Digi grunge style

This rendering technique is done with a mix of pencils and watercolors which are then digitized for virtual retouching. Many paintings today use this technique for their images.

we can find in a poster shop renderings of our favorite movies with digigrunge style. We can also search for the image online and take it to a local sale of paintings to frame it.

3. Pen and pencil

Los paintings made with pencil and/or pen have an impressive finish. If we choose this technique, we can immortalize our favorite scene or a portrait of an actor that has captivated us.

The most beautiful thing about these works is that they are made by hand, by outstanding artists. Thus, we ensure not only good jobs but also excellent decorative paintings for living rooms or rooms.

4. Afiche original

It is always a good option to have a copy of the original poster of our favorite movie or series in our home. Surely, we can find the poster we are looking for in the stores of sale posters.

In the event that we do not find it, we can search for the image on the internet, print it and bring it to a local sale of decorative paintingswhere they will have no problem framing it for us.

5. Vinyls

Finally, we can find decorative vinyl with movie motifs, to decorate our room or living room. They are a better choice than paintings since they do not need nails to adhere to the wall.

The premises of sale posters They offer already designed vinyls, with various motifs. if we don’t know where to buy posterswe can search for options on the internet and even order a personalized vinyl.

In summary, if we are interested in decorating our home in an original way and honoring our favorite movies and series, we have a list of the best decorating techniques. decorative paintings to choose.


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