The great return of the horror saga Evil Deadwhich will be released in 2023 Evil Dead Risefrom the writer and director Lee Cronin (50 States of Fright, The Hole in the Ground), and executive producers Sam Raimi y Bruce Campbellcontinues to release promotional material courtesy of Warner Bros. y New Line Cinema.

The latest in the marketing campaign is a new official image shared by Empire, with a look at one of the protagonists who we see soaked in blood. The image with a lot of gore and a shotgun, à la “Ash Williams”, is found below.

The same medium held an interview with Cronin, who explains the following about his feature film:

It tethers you to a blood powered rocket. You can get off or stay there until it explodes.

[Esta es] “Definitely an Evil Dead movie, but it takes the tradition and takes it in a new direction.“.

6,500 liters of blood were spilled in the making of the film. The director comments:

I had to hire an industrial kitchen to create the amount of blood we neededCronin explains. “When I was leaving, I had to warn the landlord: ‘You’re going to find bloody handprints all over the apartment, but they’re not real, honestly!'”

The film has set its theatrical release on April 21, 2023.


Evil Dead Rise takes the undead action away from the cabin in the woods and into the city when the reunion of two estranged sisters is disrupted when flesh-possessing demons thrust them into a battle for survival.


“In the fifth Evil Dead film, road-weary Beth pays an overdue visit with her older sister Ellie, who is raising three children alone in a small Los Angeles apartment. The sisters’ reunion is interrupted by the discovery of a mysterious book deep within Ellie’s building, giving rise to flesh-possessing demons, thrusting Beth into a primal battle for survival as she faces off against the most nightmarish version. imaginable of motherhood.”

Alyssa Sutherland (The Mist, Vikings) y Lily Sullivan (Picnic at Hanging Rock) star in the story, accompanied by Gabrielle Echols (Reminiscence), Morgan Davies (The End) y Nell Fisher (Splendid Isolation).

In recent months, the Motion Picture Association (MPA) has given it an R Rating for: “Strong, bloody horror violence and gore, and some language.”

Raimi and Campbell produce alongside Robert Tapertproducer of the 1981 film. The three were involved in every step of the creative process of the new feature film.



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