The slasher horror saga Evil Dead, is far, but very far from being dead. Following the successful release of Evil Dead Rise in 2023, it has just been announced that the filmmaker Francis Gallupi has been signed as screenwriter and director of a new Evil Dead from Ghost House Pictures from the producers Sam Raimi y Robert Tapert.

Deadline reports:

“The project is described solely as an original story that Galluppi developed and presented to Raimi and his team. “Nothing is known about the plot or who will produce, as it is still very early.”

Gallupi made his feature film debut with the upcoming crime thriller, The Last Stop in Yuma County (2023), whose plot revolves around a traveling salesman who, while stranded at a rural Arizona rest stop, becomes embroiled in a terrible hostage situation by the arrival of two bank robbers who have no qualms about using cruelty to protect his bloody fortune. The film will be released on May 10, 2024.

He previously made acclaimed short films such as High Desert Hell y The Gemini Project.

Regarding the new Evil Dead, Raimi stated in a press release to Deadline:

“Francis Galluppi is a narrator who knows when to make us wait in latent tension and when to hit us with explosive violence. “He is a director who shows unusual control in his debut film.”

The Evil Dead Raimi's original, was released in 1981, and focused on Ash Williams (Bruce Campbell), a combatant of various supernatural entities. That film became a trilogy, and would later create the original Starz series, Ash vs. Evil Dead.

In 2013, Fede Álvarez created the remake Evil Dead, which was applauded by critics and moviegoers alike. More recently, in 2023, it was launched Evil Dead Rise by writer and director Lee Cronin, another success in the horror franchise. After the premiere of the latter, Raimi announced a new spinoff by filmmaker Sébastien Vaniček as director and co-writer.

In that instance, it was revealed that the new direction of the saga would consist of Raimi personally selecting promising filmmakers to put his own spin on the Deadites. This seems to come into play with the casting of Gallupi in charge of a new film.


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