There is absolutely nothing more to be said about the banana record, at least not until some journalist/researcher/etc unearths some obscurity about the Velvets, Nico or Andy Warhol. Tributes to the band – and more specifically to their debut album – are also nothing new, One of them has even been here.

But as we don’t live on news alone, today we rescue the most recent of these tributes, I’ll be your mirrora project organized by Hal Willner (who already had ‘similar’ works on his CV dedicated to Nico Rosa and Kurt Weill) and launched in 2021, just over a year after his death from Covid during the first pandemic wave, in April 2020.

Unlike the organizer’s previous tributes, this one has a more pop feel and is close to the person being honored, which does not diminish its value in the slightest. Michael Stipe, Thurston Moore and Bobby Gilespie, Fontaines DC, Sharon Van Etten, Iggy and a bunch of other good people reconstruct the 1967 classic into one of the great albums of the genre.

Listen to the stalk! End of transmission.


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