Last January, the horror project Talk to Me held its international premiere at the Sundance Festival, where it was acquired by the studio A24 for their distribution rights in the United States.

The Australian production is written and directed by the twin brothers Danny and Michael Philippoubest known among horror-loving moviegoers for their YouTube channel where they go by the nickname Rack Rack.

In recent weeks, the independent film company has set the film’s release for the July 28, 2023 in wide releasein the middle of the summer movie season, and now, through their official accounts, A24 officially kicks off the project’s marketing campaign, launching the first trailer and promotional posterwhich you find at the end of the note.

The preview features a sinister new game that takes place at a party for a group of teenagers, who use a hand instead of a Ouija board to connect with the afterlife, which they must hold to experience chilling emotions.


The plot follows a group of teenage friends who take communion with the spirits as a party activity. Mia (Wilde) seeks to connect with the supernatural after the death of her mother, but a séance gone wrong has terrifying consequences for the group.

The cast head it Sophie Wilde, Miranda Otto (Annabelle: Creation), Alexandra Jensen (Beat), Joe Bird (Rabbit), Zoe Terakes (Wentworth), Otis Dhanji.

Samantha Jennings and Kristina Ceyton produce the feature, with Christopher Seeto co-producing.

The critic who attended the international premiere of Talk to Me at Sundance he rated her positively based on her performances and gore.

Trailer and posters (via A24):


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