Fourteen years have passed since the theatrical release of the acclaimed biopic The Social Networkfrom the director David Fincher and the screenwriter Aaron Sorkin. It is precisely Sorkin, who has reiterated his plans to write the sequel The Social Network 2.

Sorkin reveals that the sequel will focus on the impact of the popular social network on American democracy. This is what he shared in a recent episode of the business and entertainment podcast, The Town, by Matthew Belloni and Peter Hamby:

“Look, yes, I will write about this. “I blame Facebook for January 6.”

On January 6, referring to the events in which a crowd of supporters of then-US President Donald Trump stormed the Capitol, Sorkin said:

“You'll have to buy a movie ticket.”

Sorkin shared that he's been “trying” to figure out the project specifically as a movie:

“Facebook has been, among other things, adjusting its algorithm to promote the most divisive material possible, because that is what will increase engagement. That's what will lead you to what they call within the halls of Facebook, “infinite scrolling,” Sorkin said. “At Facebook there is supposed to be a constant tension between growth and integrity. There is not; “There is simply growth.”

Deadline clarifies that The project is in “very, very early stages” and is unrelated to a previous Jan. 6 project I had talked about that is no longer active..

Sorkin has insisted on several occasions that he would not like to write the project for anyone other than Fincher as director. In November 2023, Fincher told The Guardian that he had “talked about it [una secuela]” con Sorkin.

Sony Pictures' 2010 drama, inspired by Ben Mezrich's book, The Accidental Billionairestells us the story of the creation and consolidation of Facebook. During the climax we witness how Mark Zuckerberg He has taken it upon himself to distance himself from his entire environment to achieve success, but real life has continued for more than a decade and there would be a lot of material to explore and address in this present.

The Social Network is one of the highest-rated films in Fincher and Sorkin's filmography; It was the winner of three Oscars, including Best Adapted Screenplay for Sorkin. Jesse Eisenberg and Andrew Garfield played the leading roles. At the global box office it grossed more than $224 million.


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