HBO Max revealed the teaser trailer for the second season of And Just Like Thatrevival of Sex and the Citywhich also confirmed that the premiere of the new season is set for June 2023, with the exact day to be announced.

For when the series of Michael Patrick King y Darren Star debuts its second season, the streamer will already be operating in the United States under its new name: Max. In Latin America, the renewal will come into effect in the fall of this year (more information here).

The teaser, narrated in the style of the episodes of both SATC like from the revival, it begins with the voice-over of Carrie Bradshaw (Sarah Jessica Parker), saying: “If you are lucky no matter what life throws at you, you can always count on your closest friends”. We then see a montage of scenes revealing Miranda’s current relationships (Cynthia Nixon) and Che (Sarah Ramirez) and Carrie and her podcast producer, Franklin (Ivan Hernandez). “It’s just sex!” Carrie says. “And so,” Carrie continues, “I realized that some things are best left in the past. But maybe… not everything,” and at this moment, we see Aidan appear (John Corbett) on the front steps of Carrie’s apartment.

A Parker, Nixon y Kristin Davisthey will be accompanying them again, account in the cast, Sarita Choudhury, Nicole Ari Parkery Karen Pittman. Corbett is added, and Tony Danza playing Che’s father.

And Just Like That did not count on the return of Kim Cattrall, after the actress publicly declared that she had no interest in resuming her role as Samantha Jones. However, King kept her character in mind in the revival in the form of text messages shared between Samantha and Carrie. Her absence from her storyline was attributed to a break in friendship between her and Carrie due to the latter firing her as her publicist. For the season finale, it was suggested that the two would have a reunion in Paris.

King previously confirmed that season two will continue to include Samantha’s presence in the form of text messages.

Teaser trailer:


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