This year we're heading back to the brutally slasher world of the writer and director Damien Leonewith the third installment of the horror franchise Terrifier.

The new sequel features the return of Art the Clown (David Howard Thornton), and that of Lauren LaVera like the “final girl” Sienna, now in a bloody and December setting, well Terrifier 3in case you missed it before, It's a Christmas horror movie.

With filming Terrifier 3 Completed in recent weeks, distributor CineVerse prepares audiences for the return of Art the Clown by revealing an official image of the villain.

This time, Art the Clown will unleash chaos upon the unsuspecting residents of sleepy Miles County as they peacefully fall asleep on Christmas Eve.

And when we say chaos, we don't use the word timidly. Leone has proposed that this new sequel increase the gore and brutality. In recent days the filmmaker revealed that he had filmed “one of the most incredibly horrible scenes in the Terrifier franchise.”

The project was officially launched in May, with the return of Leone and the producer Phil Falcone.

Other returns to the cast are Samantha Scaffidi, Elliot Fullamand AEW superstar, Chris Jericho. Additionally, Daniel Roebuck He is also part of the cast.

The “trequela” obtained a budget in the low-mid range of seven figures, a significant increase compared to Terrifier with a budget of $55,000 usd, and the sequel Terrifier 2which was made with an approximate budget of $250,000 USD, and had a box office of more than $15 million USD globally.

Falcone, Steven Della Salla, Jason Leavy and Michael Leavy are producers. Dark Age Cinema It is the production company.

Cineverse, Bloody Disgusting and Iconiv Events Releasing to Partner for Theatrical Release of Terrifier 3 in the US and Canada, with premiere set for October 25, 2024.

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