BABYMETAL «Divine Attack – Shin Geki» – it’s been exactly one year since the Japanese “Kawaii” metal group BABYMETAL officially went into hibernation. Three years since the last own new song. But now the wait is finally over, the two young ladies + band are back with the announced concept album «The Other One», which is supposed to show another side of the group. So if you take the previous visuals as a benchmark, it’s going to be a lot darker now. The first single already points in this direction – very psychedelic video, plus noisy guitars paired with Su-Metal’s powerful, high voice and beautiful melody. A successful comeback, even though I found the partly more poppy and openly more eclectic songs of their earlier days a little more entertaining. Still a great song!

Ben Narcis «First Time» – a promo email drew my attention to this beautiful piece by the London singer Ben Narcis, which at first reminds me a bit of Mazzy Star.


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