Barbie by Greta Gerwig is the new film released in Italian theaters on July 20, which immediately proved to be a blockbuster. To date, it has surpassed over one billion dollars worldwide.

To interpret the protagonist of a perfect world, in which pink is the dominant color, there is the beautiful Margot Robbiepar excellence Barbie, flanked by Ryan Gosling in the role of Ken. Between stereotypes and paradoxical situations in the Barbieland universe, anything can happen.

Barbie movie plot

In the Barbieland universe, where everything is perfect, all the Barbies live happy lives until stereotypical Barbie (Margot Robbie) starts noticing signs that are troubling her: from thoughts of death to the appearance of cellulite and flat feet. For this, she turns to wacky Barbie (Kate McKinnon) who advises her to leave Barbieland to go to the real world in search of the little girl who is playing with her doll, transmitting her negativity. To embark on this journey she is not alone but there is Ken (Ryan Gosling) who believes he cannot live an autonomous life as created in him function of him.

Discovering the perfect universe of Barbieland

If you have been a big fan of Mattel dolls which, still today, constitute the childhood memory par excellence, you cannot fail to watch the movie Barbie. Let’s face it, how many girls have wanted a Barbie for Christmas in one of its versions? From stereotypical Barbie, to brush her hair and change clothes, to Barbie magic of the holidays and many other models on the market .. thousands of girls who mentioned them in their letters to Santa Claus .. but what about a film inspired by Barbie can it wait? Let’s find out together.

At times comedy, at others trivial .. but stop judging it right away.

The main characters are Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling in the roles of Barbie and Ken, an imperfect “couple” in a perfect world.

Ken has always been attracted to Barbie, he doesn’t have an independent life and he only believes he was created for her otherwise his “being” wouldn’t make sense but.. does there necessarily have to be a Ken for every Barbie?

The reflection becomes much deeper than one might think because being such an ideologically feminist film is her being a man on the edge of everything. His job is to stay on the beach, get noticed, be looked at for his beauty without demonstrating depth and intelligence in any circumstance.

At a certain point, however, Ken realizes that he can go further and it is he who establishes a sort of patriarchy in Barbieland, upsetting the perfectly idealized universe of every Barbie and above all seeks his revenge.

The themes addressed in the film through their characters, in fact, are very current, since role of women against patriarchy but beyond this there is the plot on which to dwell: Barbie who goes in search of a little girl who is transmitting negativity to her doll.

Looking for her, he comes across a homesick mother (America Ferrera)grappling with a teenage daughter who has left behind the moments when she played with her Barbie and rejects the idea and the stereotype until she discovers the point of life of Barbie herself, her fragility and her potential.

This is the meeting that will forever change the fate of Barbieland and every single Barbie but a note of merit goes in particular to America Ferrera, our beloved Ugly Betty, who makes a monologue that we don’t want to spoil you but which inevitably turns out to be the full movie postera dialogue on which you will not be able to do anything but reflect and which will make you say “Overcome those paradoxical scenes, seeing this film is worth it.”

In summary: many facets and different meanings, this and much more in the Barbie film that must be fully understood without stopping at the usual prejudices.

Curiosity about the cast of Barbie

  • In addition to having released the single Dance The Night, which has already become a catchphrase in the world, Dua Lipa in the film she plays Mermaid Barbie.
  • Among the various Barbies and various Ken you will find three beloved Sex Education actors, such as Emma Mackey (Maeve), Connor Swindells (Adam) and Little Friend (Eric).
  • The award-winning actress narrates the story of the film Dame Helen Mirren.
  • From Bridgerton to diplomatic Barbie.. you will also find in the cast Nicola Coughlan!
  • Playing Ken Tritone is the masterful former wrestler John Cena.

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