half a decade before First and last and always come into the world, the sisters of mercy already had a vast legion of dark fans thanks to their singles and EPs released before him, between 1980 and 1984, singles and EPs that would only see the light of day compiled many years later in compilations Some girls/boys wander by mistake. That’s history. Basic. (I miss listening to those 7″ on insane late nights at Claudinho’s house, by the way hahahaha).

Well, among the many Sisters of Mercy fans in their best phase were the masters John Peel and Kid Jensen, who took Andrew Eldritich, Craig Adams and Wayne Hussey (yes, they were both still cool at that time, my apologies to the Mission fans) plus Ben Gunn, Gary Marx and the mighty Doktor Avalanche to the BBC studios on three occasions, twice with Peel (82 and 84) and once with Jensen (83), recording a total of 12 songs.

And finally in 2021 Eldritch, through his Merciful Release label – distributed by Warner, it should be said – delivered to us bats the compilation of these three sessions, under the self-explanatory name BBC sessions 1982-1984. And here, ladies and gentlemen, are the Sisters in all their gothic glory, especially on the first two records (although the last one is also fucked up squared, after all it ends with “Emma”).

No more unnecessary lectures, turn up the volume, press play and let’s all dance with the wall 🦇

Source: https://pequenosclassicosperdidos.com.br/2023/03/15/the-sisters-of-mercy-bbc-sessions-1982-1984-2021/

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