Just in time for the beginning of the year, a fresh series of events is starting in the Neue Welle. With “Matriarchy”, DJ and producer Alba Acab realizes a concept based on matriarchal values. She tells more about it in the interview.

Alba Acab's breaky-deep sound is a real enrichment for the Leipzig scene. The Offenbach-raised and now Leipzig-based DJ and producer has already left some musical traces in her new adopted home. Now she is starting her own series in the New Wave – Matriarchy – on January 12th. With NVST as the headliner, who is mainly active in Switzerland, and support from Alba Acab and Sachsenperle, this first night promises uncompromising sounds and creative styles outside of conventional techno events. We sat down with the event curator to find out what her concept is all about and what to expect from Matriarchy in the near future.

What does the name “Matriarchy” mean in general – and what does it mean to you?

In matriarchal societies, women lead with love that is there for everyone. The aim is to replace the power struggle that prevails in patriarchal societies – and also in the club scene. For me, “Matriarchy” also means pushing marginalized and talented people in particular with events where togetherness is the main focus – without bias.

How did you establish Matriarchy?

So first of all I would like to bring the artists to Leipzig that I personally like. That's why I started curating events. As a female organizer, it is also important to me to give a different perspective on organizing events. The idea came about last year: I had an event at T//F and later I played at Neue Welle. There I then approached the operators and we agreed to organize “Matriarchy” in cooperation and to set it up together.

What is the concept of the event series?

I actually do it all alone, there's no collective behind it now. Of course I have a lot of support from friends, but artwork, booking and so on come from a single source. Many opinions come together in groups. This also brings with it the risk that the common thread will be lost. I can ride my own style and line on my own, which is also important to me at this event. This also makes it easier to promote and support Flinta artists. I come from Offenbach, which was very male-dominated in the scene. Setting up events as a Flinta person always comes with hurdles – I want to break that down with Matriarchy. The decisive positions should be held by women.

Can “Matriarchy” be assigned to a genre or would you like to highlight individual genres in particular?

For me, there is actually good music in every genre and in the ten years that I have been intensively involved with music, I have found something for myself in every direction. I think it's cool when the sound alternates and is fluid. But if only techno is played at parties, I personally find it too boring. It's important to me that everyone's taste in music can get their money's worth. That's exactly why I do the booking. In addition: I miss the warm-up and closing a lot in Leipzig at the moment – I know that differently from Frankfurt (Main). I also think it would be cool if the evening could start with relaxed electro and end with deep sound and the guests just have a lot of fun dancing.

Who will be at the first event and why did you choose these people?

I was at a festival in Lithuania last year and even went there for the artist I have now booked: NVST. Thanks to their productions, I've had them on my radar for a long time and have become a big fan. Otherwise I asked a friend, Sachsenperle. She plays vinyl only and always surprises with diverse selections in her sets. I'm also playing that evening and will do the closing set.

What does the future hold for “Matriarchy”?

I'm currently doing a podcast once a month on Sphere Radio. This will continue next month, with various artists breaking down genre boundaries. After the party premiere on January 12th, there will hopefully be more events in the new wave. The headliner for the next event has theoretically already been decided, but remains a secret for now.

Matriarchy #1
January 12, 2024, 11 p.m
New wave
w/ NVST, Alba Acab, Sachsenperle

Source: https://www.frohfroh.de/41907/behind-the-nights-matriarchy

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