When December begins, the excitement for the Natale 2023 it lights up in all of us. And to make the wait until December 25th even sweeter, we can rely on the colorful ones Advent calendars 2023selected based on our personal tastes.

Classic calendars with chocolates behind each window remain a much-loved option. Resisting the temptation not to open all the boxes at once is a challenge especially for chocolate lovers, turning every day into a small act of self-control!

However, the Advent calendar offering has expanded significantly, including options dedicated to fans of cinema, TV and much more. Instead of chocolates, these calendars hide small gifts, making every day a special moment of surprise and anticipation, almost like waiting until midnight to unwrap presents under the Christmas tree.

We offer you a selection of 30 unique Advent calendars to accompany the wait until December 25, 2023. There is something for all tastes, for both adults and children. Some are suitable for all ages, such as the LEGO-themed ones, fun that involves both young people and adults, not just during the Christmas period.

Cinema themed Advent calendars

For cinema enthusiasts, this wait can be made even more magical thanks to film-themed Advent calendars. This year, in particular, lovers of sagas and cult films will be thrilled to discover that they can count on an assortment of Advent calendars inspired by some of the most beloved film series.

Imagine opening a little window every day that takes you back to the magical world of “Harry Potter”, where every surprise can be an object straight out of the pages of books or scenes of films. Or perhaps let yourself be enveloped by the majesty of Middle-earth with a calendar dedicated to “The Lord of the Rings”, where every day a memory of that epic adventure awaits you.

But that’s not all, because the charm of cinematic Advent calendars doesn’t stop there. There will be options dedicated to other famous sagas and films, offering a variety that satisfies every type of cinephile. Whether you’re a fan of action, fantasy, adventure or timeless classics, this year’s countdown to Christmas will be accompanied by a piece of your cinematic passion. A unique way to add a touch of cinematic magic to every day in December as you look forward to the most festive day of the year.

Lego Marvel Infinity Saga Advent Calendar

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Lego Harry Potter Advent Calendar

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Marvel Funko Advent Calendar

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Star Wars Funko Advent Calendar

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TV Series themed Advent Calendars

The excitement of the countdown to Christmas takes on a new dimension for TV series lovers with Advent calendars inspired by some of the most iconic and beloved series of recent times. For those captivated by the gripping plots and memorable characters of television series, this year there are exciting options that add a touch of TV anticipation to the festive atmosphere.

Think, for example, of an Advent calendar dedicated to “Stranger Things”, one of the most popular series of recent years. Behind every box, there is a surprise linked to that mysterious and compelling universe, bringing fans back to the heart of Hawkins and his supernatural adventures. Every day offers a piece of that world, making the wait for Christmas an exciting journey through time and space.

But that’s not all, because the panorama of Advent calendars dedicated to TV series ranges across a wide variety of genres and styles. Whether you are a fan of dramas, comedies, fantasy series or detective series, there will be something that will capture your attention. These calendars offer the possibility of celebrating every day of December with a small piece of your favorite TV series, making the experience of waiting for Christmas unique and personalized.

In short, for fans of the TV series, the 2023 Advent calendars represent a fun and original way to count the days that separate us from Christmas, immersing ourselves every day in a different television world, full of memories, emotions and, of course, , of anticipation for the holidays.

Stranger Things Advent Calendar

Stranger Things Advent Calendar

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Friends Advent Calendar

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