the filmmaker David Gordon Green has a new collaboration with the producer on the horizon Jason Blum of Blumhousey Universal Pictures. After having made a new trilogy Halloweenhave resurrected another horror franchise: The Exorcistwhich will also be relaunched with a new trilogy.

The first installment will be released this year. Is about a reboot/sequel which bears the official title The Exorcist: Believer.

The studios kick off the marketing campaign with the release of the first three official posters, ahead of the debut of the official trailer, which is said to hit the public in no time.

The creepy posters are found at the end of this note.

The cast head it Leslie Odom Jr. playing the father of a possessed little girl, who desperate for help goes to By Ellen Burstyn, retaking his character from the original film, Chris MacNeil. accompany them Ann Dowd (Hereditary, The Handmaid’s Tale), Lydia Jewett (Nightbooks), Raphael Sbarge (Gaslit), Okwoi Okpokwasili (Bronx Gothic, Agatha: Coven of Chaos), Olivia Marky Jennifer Nettles in “key role”. Earlier it was said that Linda Blair she would be reprising her iconic role as Regan MacNeil, however her participation has not been mentioned again.

Gordon Green wrote the script with Peter Sattler (Broken Diamonds), from a story by Green, Scott Teems (Halloween Kills) y Danny McBride (Halloween). Gordon Green launches this new installment, which will address the style of the recent trilogy Halloween of Blumhouse.

Universal and its streamer Peacock closed a deal with Morgan Creek and Blumhouse valued at $400 million, for the global distribution rights of the new trilogy of The Exorcist. Peacock’s presence suggests that a release strategy similar to that of Halloweenin which the films were released both theatrically and on Peacock in the US.

The studio set the premiere of Exorcist: Believer for on October 13, 2023.



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