BoulderLight Pictureshorror thriller production company Barbarianbecome one of the unexpected successes of the genre cinema of 2022, has reached a First Look Multi-Year Deal with New Line Cinemaaccording to Deadline reports.

J.D. Lifshitz y Raphael Margules are the co-founders of the company specializing “in high-concept, filmmaker-driven genre stories.” Barbarian by Zach Cregger, surpassed $45 million in the global box office, with a budget of $4.5 million.

Lifshitz and Margules’ BoulderLight Pictures will once again collaborate with Cregger, on the filmmaker’s new horror project, the recently announced titled Weapons, which will be produced by New Line and distributed worldwide by Warner Bros. Pictures. The story of this film “is described as a multiple and interrelated horror epic that is in tone along the lines of Magnolia, the 1999 star-studded showcase from filmmaker Paul Thomas Anderson.”

On his deal with New Line, the company’s president and chief creative officer Richard Brener shares to the source:

“JD and Rafi share a passion for cinema that puts the audience first. They have a proven ability to identify and champion stories and filmmakers that transcend genre, and no one works harder or faster, as evidenced by the fact that they put together a film with us before they even moved into their offices. We couldn’t be more excited to partner with them.”

In a joint statement, Lifshitz and Margules add:

“We have long referred to New Line Cinema as the gold standard of genre entertainment, and we are incredibly grateful to be moving to the ‘House that Freddy Built’. It truly is a dream come true to be able to work alongside so many people we genuinely admire, and we are delighted to help carry on the New Line legacy and remind people why they love going to the movies.”

BoulderLight was founded in 2012, and has produced twenty feature films since then. In addition to Barbarianthey also produced The Vigil, Gone in the Night, y Wild Indian. soon they will launch The Dating Gamestarring Anna Kendrick, who also makes her directorial debut with said feature film.


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