The trio Cold Pumas emerged in England in 2008, formed by brothers Patrick and Oliver Fish together with their friend Dan Reeves, head of the indie label Faux Discx – which was born alongside the band, releasing material from people like Women (who would later split into Viet Cong and Cindy Lee) and ceased operations in 2017, when the ice cougars apparently also ceased to exist.

In almost 10 years in action, the group became a quartet and with this format released in 2016 their second and until then last work, The hanging valleywhich now plays on our virtual record player.

The album features 9 songs where the Pumas combined with absurd precision the mix between post-punk, shoegaze/noise and kraut that they had put into practice since their birth, and even though this formula is nothing new to anyone, the explosive way in which the guys ( re)created here makes this an album to be noticed.

Listen to the stalk!

PS: Reeves has maintained a solo project since 2011 – which is now his main band – called Soft Walls, where he combines the influences mentioned above with his more psychedelic verve. Soon less around here.


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