The years pass and the Sub Pop continues with a keen eye for badass bands/artists, regardless of musical genre or sub-genre (just think of Debby Friday and Shabazz Palaces, for example, to escape the 'rocker label' of the record company's cast).

Every now and then I check the news that pops up on Bandcamp, and recently I was notified of the release (which takes place in April) of an album by a French-speaking band from Montreal called Corridor, and so, here we are.

I went back and discovered that the quartet has been around for approximately a decade, and that before signing with the mythical Yankee label they already had some EPs, singles and two full albums – The eternal journey, 2015; It is Supermarket, from 2017 -, in addition to tours in Europe and the USA with Shame (2018) and Crumb (2019). It was precisely during this last tour of Uncle Sam's land that Sub Pop grew eyes on the guys and invited them to their cast.

JuniorCorridor's debut there, was written in just one week, recorded/mixed over the course of a month, between March and April, and released in October 2019. Despite the very short time spent by the band – again alongside their partner, occasional keyboardist and producer of his previous gigs, Emmanuel Ethier – managed to further balance his post-punk/jangle formula developed over the last decade.

It won't change the direction of music or the world like another Sub Pop creation did, but fuck it, it will definitely make your day.

Listen to the stalk!


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