¡Peachfuzz regress!

Great news for all fans of the found footage horror franchise, Creepsince it has been confirmed that its co-creators Mark Duplass y Patrick Bricehave moved to the small screen seven years after the release of Creep 2to co-create the series The Creep Tapes.

Duplass announced that the filming of The Creep Tapes it's complete. IndieWire detailed:

“This is an episodic series that promises to introduce horror fans to a new collection of victims from the vault of Duplass' anonymous killer.”

The series, co-created by Duplass and Brice, is currently being offered to buyers. Brice directed all episodes of The Creep Tapes.

  • Duplass and Brice co-wrote the script for Creep (2014) y Creep 2 (2017), with Brice as the director of both films, and Duplass as the protagonist.

There is no doubt that one of the most pleasant surprises for horror cinema in the last decade emerged in 2014 with the release of Creep, which in a way gave new life to found footage, a format that at that time had saturated the audience. Duplass played a killer who hired a cameraman, Aaron (played by Brice), to document his actions for a day as a ploy to lure him into a dark trap. The sequel used a similar formula, with Duplass' character taking a different name and hiring a different camerawoman.

The series will take fans through the killer's vault to reveal the stories of other filmmakers who fell for his bloody scheme.

In a press release, Duplass explained:

“The series is based on a collection of video tapes in the secret vault of the world's deadliest and most socially awkward serial killer, who hires his victims to film him during the day under false pretenses. Each episode exposes a new victim of a of the legendary 'Creep Tapes'”.

Duplass shared a small teaser on Instagram about his I return as the villain Peachfuzz which you can see here.

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