Marvel Studios y Ryan Reynolds have been collaborating for some time to integrate Deadpool within the MCU, something that will be possible with the next sequel, Deadpool 3which continues to shape its cast with the recently confirmed casting of Emma Corrin as the villain.

The announcement of the actress best known for playing Princess Diana in the drama series The Crown, was made by Reynolds himself on his official Twitter account. The post does not include details about the character that Corrin will play, however, Deadline claims that she is the main villain, without mentioning which particular villain she will be.

Some of the most popular options?

  • Gwenpool (Gwendolyn Poole) – originates from a different universe, being in 2015 her first appearance in Marvel comics.
  • Spiral – is a six-armed sorceress who serves Mojo and protects the Mojoworld.

Corrin joins the previously confirmed, Hugh Jackman, who will resume his great role as Wolverine. In recent days, the actor shared a picture where we can see the physical change he has undergone to reinterpret his well-known role.

Deadpool 3 will be led by Shawn Levy (Stranger Things, The Adam Project, Free Guy).

Reynolds’ original post announcing the actress, below:


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