Dolphins has been recommended to me several times, but somehow I failed to take a good look at the band. But now, with their new EP, I’ll catch up.

Sascha and Valentin have been running the band since 2016, during which time they created several EPs on their own – so it’s high time to finally give the Leipzig duo the attention it deserves. The new EP “TBH” starts with a hit. The already released single “Never ever run” goes in well with jangle pop guitar, 80s synth and a crisp bassline. The chorus is absolutely catchy and for all its playfulness the song is catchy.

The absolutely finely divided songwriting continues with track 3 and one notices: Dolphins pack everything in here that they bring with them in terms of influences and experiences from various other formations. The love for pop music of past decades, cheesy synth sounds, guitar, distorted vocals or vocoder. Everything has its place here and is used carefully. One can casually listen to the band’s melodic music or take the trouble to explore all levels of the music. Both work wonderfully.

Dolphins themselves describe their music as a mixture of experimental indie/synthpop and psychedelic electronica. The music sometimes reminded me of Fenster or Slow Steve. But all comparisons fall short, Dolphins have a good style, which you can hopefully admire live soon. The YouTube sessions definitely make you want to do it.


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