There were definitely some rumors about the future of the mjut. Now there is a first decision.

And it came yesterday via Instagram. In an information post, the club in the east reported that the current management will end their work at the end of the year – and with it “the mjut project”. After around five years.

There have actually been a lot of rumors about an end lately. Now it’s official. But: It should continue in the same place. The current management is currently “in discussions with interested parties and initiatives about taking over the venue and continuing the cultural operation.”

After the renovations of the last few months, this is certainly pleasing – especially since an official club for the east of Leipzig continues to be important. In addition: mjut recently won an applause award for its outstanding live music program. This should be motivation to preserve this place in the future.

What exactly happens next? You can find out here or on the mjut Insta profile. And you can find the dates for November here.


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