Girl with fish, the second album in feeble little horse's still short career, is my favorite album from my favorite band of the last week. Lie. From the last few weeks, maybe months.

The Pittsburgh quartet was born in 2021 and in the same pandemic year they showed what they came with Haydayhis official debut (before there was modern tourism, still as a trio and including a cover of My Bloody Valentine). 20 months and an eternal lockdown later, the great Saddle Creek Records released the girl with the fish into the world, the second offspring of the group and as said in the first paragraph, my favorite album and blah blah blah.

Feebles' music can be briefly described as chaotic faux-cuteness: the faux-cuteness comes from bassist Lydia Slocum's voice and the acidic lyrics of songs like “Freak” and “Pocket”; the chaos comes shaped between distortions/feedback/experiments/melodic lulls played under and over Lydia's vocal sweetness.

It is undeniable that this mix is ​​nothing new for anyone who has listened to guitar rock (or indie, alternative, call it what you want) over the last thirty-odd years, but it is also undeniable that Sebastian, Ryan, Jake and Lydia know well how to put their stamp on this recipe. already well known.

Listen to it and confirm. Or not, as Caetano would say.


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