The trio Flat Worms came about because its founder, Will Ivy, was perhaps bored, tired or something else while working on his first solo album and listening to Swell Maps. In a flash and inspired by the crazy people of Birmingham he decided that he also wanted to record something loud and frenetic.

He then called some partners, also old acquaintances from the independent/punk/garage/whatever scene in Los Angeles (Tim Hellman, Justin Sullivan and Kevin Morby) and the following year Castle Face – record label owned by John Dwyer, from Oh Seestoday Osees or something like that – put on the market the guys' eponymous debut that's playing around here now.

Going straight to the point, the album really has a lot of influence from Maps in A trip to Marinevilleor at least its more punk moments, but it also draws from different sources ranging from fellow countrymen 100 Flowers and Oh Sees from the beginnings and brings to mind younger people (laughs) like No Age (but less experimental and dreamy) and Japanther (but more adult and noisy).

Anyway, regardless of my associations that are not always very good or faithful to reality, Flat worms It's an album by three already-released guys who wanted to have fun and play without compromise, like the eternal kids they were (are) and the result is awesome: loud, garage punk rock, as they continue to do (the last and great album, produced by Ty Segall, left last year). So may this 'holiday project' have a long life.

Listen to the stalk!


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