Fried Sprinkle Biscuit

Make a fried sprinkle biscuit that is very crispy on the outside and dry. Check out the simple and easy recipe to make!

Fried Sprinkle Biscuit

Recipe by caion


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In order for your fried flour cookies to be perfect, just like mines, see the ingredients on the list and follow the step-by-step preparation method.


  • 2 cups 500g Sour Sprinkle

  • 90 ml of water

  • 90 ml of milk

  • 60 ml of Oil

  • 1 spoon of sugar

  • 1 level spoon of salt

  • 2 eggs


  • Boil 90ml of water with 90ml of milk and 60ml of oil;
  • In a bowl, add 2 cups of Polvilho AZEDO 500g;
  • Add 1 level spoon of salt;
  • Add 1 spoon of sugar;
  • Mix;
  • Add the boiling water, milk and oil mixture;
  • Mix and let cool;
  • Add 2 eggs;
  • Mix;
  • Roll up the cookies;
  • Add the cookies to the cold oil;
  • Let it heat up on high heat;
  • When the cookies rise, lower the heat;
  • Fry until golden;
  • Drain on paper towels;
  • Your fried sprinkle cookies are ready!Fried Sprinkle Biscuit

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