Goat is a combo from Sweden formed by countless crazy people willing to experiment with all the possibilities that rack their brains, and since 2012 they have been releasing albums that prove this statement by a + b.

Going back and forth to recurring psychedelia, funk, afrobeat, metal, folk, bossa nova and so on, the mysterious masked men are one of the most interesting, bizarre and thought-provoking things of the last decade, and on October 13th they gave birth to their youngest, the stoned Medicine.

I'm not even going to focus on breaking down the album, I'm just suggesting that you listen to it and then go to the band's bandcamp to delve deeper into their discography, gradually absorbing the different trips they embark on.

About Medicine, I'm just saying that it's extremely lysergic and closes the lid on this 2023 here at PCP in a kaleidoscopic way. In 2024, avoid the obvious, think for yourself and seek knowledge.

Happy New Year and stay safe on your trip!

Source: https://pequenosclassicosperdidos.com.br/2023/12/30/goat-medicine-2023/

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