Fresco of his triumph at the Oscars 2023 where his film Pinocchio (distributed by Netflix) won Best Animated Film, the Mexican filmmaker Guillermo del Toro prepares a new collaboration with the streamer, it’s your own adaptation of the classic Frankenstein de Mary Shelley.

The most recent news tells us about what would be its incredible cast, which would include (according to Deadline reports) Mia Goth (X, Pearl), Oscar Isaac (Moon Knight), y Andrew Garfield (The Amazing Spider-Man). The three actors are in the first talks to join the cast.

“Experts close to the film advise that del Toro is still working on the script and that no formal offers have been made to any actors. But sources add that he has met with all three and each is on board to star in.”

Del Toro will be in charge of the script and the direction of Frankenstein from Netflix. On the details of the argument, no information has been released at the moment.

gothic literary work Frankenstein or the modern Prometheus by Shelley, was published in January 1818, whose story addresses topics such as “the scientific mora, the creation and destruction of life and the audacity of humanity in its relationship with God. Hence, the subtitle of the work: the protagonist tries to rival God in power, like a sort of modern Prometheus who snatches the sacred fire of life from divinity. Although Frankenstein is infused with elements of the Gothic novel and the Romantic movement, some argue that this should be considered the first true science fiction story.” (via Wikipedia).

Frankenstein is a monster created from different parts of corpses, brought to life by its creator, Victor Frankenstein during an experiment. The character is part of pop culture.

The first film adaptation was in J. Searle Dawley’s 1910 silent short, where he was portrayed by Charles Ogle. The best known depiction was from the 1931 film, Frankensteinfrom James Whale and Universal Pictures, where he was played by Boris Karloff, also its sequel Bride of Frankenstein. By 1957 it would arrive The Curse of Frankenstein where he was characterized by Christopher Lee. Filmmaker Kenneth Branagh moved closer to Shelley’s novel in the 1994 film, Mary Shelley’s Frankensteinwhere the monster was played by Robert De Niro, and Victor Frankenstein by Branagh himself.


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