For about a year there has been the possibility in Leipzig to hold legal open air events in selected areas. For our podcast, we wanted to know from the city of Leipzig how the first year went and how it will continue.

At the beginning of June 2022, the time had come: the city of Leipzig announced that legal open air events are now possible to a limited extent and with lots of conditions. We reported about it at the time. Now there is a reality check.

Hey Hey podcast host Sebastian met Christiane von Rintelen from the office for urban greenery and water bodies and Nils Fischer, specialist officer for night culture in the city of Leipzig, in the Radio Blau studio. Both were involved in the development of the open space concept and are also involved in its further development. In the podcast they tell how the concept came about, what experiences they had in the first year under real conditions – and of course how it will continue. Have fun with it:


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