The lucrative action franchise Fast & Furiousexpanded its universe with the spinoff Fast & Furious Presentes: Hobbs & Shawcentered on the characters played by Dwayne Johnson y Jason Statham following them on an adventure that would lead them to put aside their differences for a common goal.

Upon its theatrical release in 2019, the film grossed $760 million at the global box office ($173.9 million at the domestic box office, and $586.7 million at the international box office). After the commercial success, there was talk of a possible sequel, however, Johnson distanced himself from his role as Hobbs and did not return for F9nor for the next one to be released Fast X.

The most recent news confirms that there are no plans at the moment to make a sequel to Hobbs & Shaw. Kelly McCormickproducer of the action franchise, comments the following to ComicBook:

“We would love [una secuela]. There are no conversations at the moment.”

“I feel like a lot of seeds were planted to try to create a spin-off in a way that included Kevin Hart and Ryan Reynolds and all that kind of stuff. And that was intentional, but not necessarily because we had plans in mind, just because it would be fun to have different players to play with if someone or we wanted to do it a different way so, you know, I don’t know, I mean that Dwayne is a very busy guy and you know, he would be the one to drive all of that. so you knowwe are ready if he wants and until then he [se encuentra] dominating [la industria del cine]so all power to him.”


“Lawman Luke Hobbs (Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson) and outcast Deckard Shaw (Jason Statham) form an unlikely alliance when a cybernetically enhanced villain threatens the future of humanity.”


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