There are no coincidences, some say, so maybe this isn't really a coincidence…

A few weeks ago I was thinking about writing something about and playing one of Hum's albums, a band formed in Illinois in the late 80s that started in the same vein as Superchunk (but with one foot firmly planted in post-hardcore) and then, at the end of the following decade, he achieved a certain success.

So today I went after a stream of Fillet show, the guys' official debut and my favorite, but then I came across something that wasn't in the plans and refers to the first paragraph of this short text: the first demo of the then quartet. And what does this have to do with coincidences, you may ask. I answer you.

That cassette tape, Is like kissing an angel, she saidwas recorded in the legendary basement of Steve Albini, one of the enlightened human beings who helped give form and content to independent rock over the last almost 40 years and who, very unfortunately, left us prematurely yesterday, victim of a heart attack while in his studio, This studio was once 'just' the basement of his house…

Anyway, I'll be back soon to talk more about Hum, for now here's just a meager tribute to the late Mr Big Black, who next week will have an entire edition dedicated to him on the radio version of PCP.

See you later, Steve. Thank you for existing ❤️


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