Formed there around 1980 amid the fervor of the New York musical underworld, the Ike Yard quartet was short-lived in its first incarnation, but it certainly made an impact on those who had contact with its music.

In three years they released only one EP, Night after night, by the Belgian label Disque du Crépuscule; and a self-titled full album via Factory (this being the first record by a foreign group on the English label). But what you hear in these two works, compiled in 2006 with the addition of unrecorded tracks, demos and etc under the obvious name of 1980-82 Collectedexplains by A + B the marks left by them.

Because in these only two moments the band managed to encapsulate elements of dub, noise rock, industrial, kraut and escambau under the comprehensive and multifaceted label post-punk, creating dark, experimental, heavy and noisy music; at times it sounds like a cross between Liquid Liquid and Sonic Youth with Jah Wobble playing bass, at others like a hybrid of Neubauten and Suicide.

Okay, maybe these references aren’t the best – as they invariably happen around here – but regardless of them I suggest you turn up the volume and discover (or rediscover) just how badass Ike Yard is.

PS: With the release of this compilation three of the five band members got together and thus was born Nord, the guys’ second full album after a hiatus of almost 30 years. But that’s for the next chapter of this story.



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