Jonathan Relph didn’t invent shoegze or dream pop, but since his project Indoor Voices came to light in the early ’10s, it has always been a household favorite when it comes to these two rock sub-genres.

First, because the Canadian knows how few use the sound textures that synthesizers and distortion pedals can generate and make these textures almost translucent, dreamlike; second because he believes in what he does and keeps going full tilt, releasing singles, EPs and albums seemingly without a care for success or status, even in the indie ghettos.

The last time he was here was in 2012, since then he has produced many works and I could choose any one of them to present it to new readers, so I opted for his most recent full album, Falling, from 2022. Of course, the 10 songs on the album contain references to the foundation stones on which everything that came later in the universe of blurred dreams was built, from My Bloody Valentine to Slowdive, but if you are an enthusiast of this cosmos, try to listen to it without looking for comparisons, just getting involved in the music. I guarantee you a beautiful trip.


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