As of this Friday, May 12, 2023, you will find available at Netflix worldwide action thriller The Motherfrom the director Niki Caro (live-action Mulan, North Country) con Jennifer Lopez in leading role.

The plot sees the singer and actress make a heartbreaking decision, because after giving birth to her daughter, an FBI agent informs her that she must hand over the little girl and flee, since the members of an operation interrupted by the character de López will give hunting to both. Years later, Mother He will come out of hiding to rescue his daughter.

The promotional clip in which López takes to the streets of Cuba in a high-speed motorcycle chase can be found at the end of the note.


THERE IS NO REVENGE LIKE THAT OF A MOTHER. She is a professional assassin who was forced to stay away from her baby to protect her from her. Now, after spending years in the Alaskan woods, she will come out of hiding to rescue her from her.

In addition to López, the cast is made up of Lucy Páez, Gael García Bernal, Joseph Fiennes, Paul Raciy Omari Hardwick.

Caro directs the script of Andrea Berloff, Peter Craigy Misha Green.

Promotional clip:


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