Another of the regular members of And Just Like Thatsequel series to Sex and the City will not return for the third season, which has been in production since May.

Karen Pittmanwho played college professor Dr. Nya Wallace in the first two seasons of AJLT, will not be in the third season of the original Max series. The actress joined in season one in a recurring role, and for season two she was promoted to a regular role.

The reason for his goodbye is due to scheduling conflicts. Pittman already has a regular role in the Apple TV+ series, The Morning Show which is in its fourth season, in addition to having signed a leading role in the original Netlix series, Foreverwhich is filming right now.

This placed Pittman in a logistical dilemma, since the filming of the three aforementioned series would take place in similar timeframes. The actress had every intention of being in season 3 of AJLTbut after exhausting all avenues to make the logistics work, that proved impossible, according to Deadline reports.

About his departure And Just Like ThatPittman told Variety:

“Coming into this incredible, iconic television show with these incredible actors, I expected it to be a place to land, but it ended up being a stepping stone, which was heartbreaking in many ways. But it was an extraordinary and enriching experience. I hope the “The public still thinks positively of that character. I know I do.”

Pittman was introduced as one of the new friends of the three protagonists: Miranda (Cynthia Nixon), Carrie (Sarah Jessica Parker) y Charlotte (Kristin Davis), With Nicole Ari Parker y Sarita Choudhury. Nya is a professional, intelligent and brave who was also a loyal friend. She was Miranda's rock from the series premiere, her cheerleader and confidant who not only offered her a place to stay while she was separated and then divorced from Steve (David Eigenberg), but also during her new journey of self-discovery. her. Miranda reciprocated her loyalty as Nya struggled following her separation from her husband Andre (LeRoy McClain).

Another of the absent members for the following season, as previously announced, is Sarah Ramirezwho played non-binary stand-up comedian Che Díaz, love interest of Miranda Hobbes (Nixon), for two seasons.

The premiere of season 3 of AJLT It is planned for 2025 at MAX.


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