The Californian trio Kids on a Crime Spree was born from Mario Hernandez's obsession with the music coming out of the legendary Brill Building in New York, especially Phil Spector's productions and the music of girl groups. After the end of Hi Bela and after From Bubblegum To Sky, the guy was in Stockholm when a friend introduced him to the box set Back To Mono (compilation with Spector's works), then his life changed and he simply decided to form a band that combined 'that sound' and distorted guitars. More or less as the Reid brothers did 3 decades earlier, but with less feedback (laughs). And so, here we are.

We love you so bad, the album above, is the first fruit of Hernandez's love for the so-called noise pop pioneered by Jesus and followed to this day by countless other bands. He began recording the tracks that make up the album alone, in analogue form during a period in NY (following the Brill guide), and as the songs took shape he returned to Oakland and called his former bandmates from From Bubblegum To Sky – the drummer Becky Barron and guitarist Bill Evans – to end the tour. The album was released by the seminal Slumberland in 2011, it brought the Kids to the indie crowd of the Bay Area and beyond, creating a certain expectation for a new work, but apparently the trio's idea wasn't exactly that.

A single came out in 2013, then two splits (with Burnt Palms and Terry Malts, in 2016 and 2017, respectively) showed the world that the group was still alive, but it was only in 2022 that they gave the world their second album, also via Slumberland.

Fall In Love Not In Line it was generated, created and created by the trio in Mario's home studio and even though it sounds, so to speak, better produced than its predecessor, it differs in almost nothing from it (including the cover lol).

A 12-string guitar here and a greater influence from Velvet Underground There they add special touches to the album, but nothing that takes Kids on a Crime Spree off the road they have been following since the beginning of their journey. Fortunately!

Who knows, maybe they will arrive with a new job there in 2033? Let's wait seated hahaha.

To listen to it!


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