In the Distillery there is another visit from a house techno legend. And two more tips.

happy daily tip

Saturday Rave // Distillery // 23:00 Uhr
w/ Laurent Garnier, Vincent Neumann, HW Rhapsody, Ostbam, DJ Gabi aka RZR, The Jakob Sisterz

OMG, that’s getting emotional again – Laurent Garnier stops by at the distillery at its current location shortly before the finale. He is undoubtedly one of the internationally best-known DJs for house and techno and has repeatedly demonstrated a keen sense for sounds between big room and basement over the past 30 years.

Also today:

Stellarium – Elipamanoke, 23:59 Uhr – Techno und Ambient mit DJ Space, Low Velocity Soundsystem, Medha, Murkey FM, Thnts, China Shipping Line

3Taker – xxx, 11:00 p.m. – Bass, Jungle and Dub with NE Girl, Base + Derrick + Reckless, El P, Twin Suns Soundsystem, Plugdub Soundsystem


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