A Leipzig crew classic says goodbye to the distillery – and there are four more tips at the same time.

happy day tip

Fläsh Bending – the final chapter // Distillery // 10:00 p.m
w/ Ave FM, Das Zirkuskind, Gretchen Bazooka, Jakin Boaz, Lydi-Jah, Oliotronix, Raw State b2b Bassick, 16 Pad Noise Terrorist, Aehm, Cleaner, Diputs, Hells , Hands

The exLEpäng crew pays another big farewell visit to the distillery – over the last 30 years parties and individual acts of these special crews have been here again and again. Among other things, as part of the Fläsh Bending series, in which some headliners like Felix Kubin played in addition to synthesizer workshops.

At the end of the Fläsh Bending series, almost everyone comes together again – and with them the musically insanely wide range of breakcore, jungle, rave, IDM and hardcore. Cleaner, Jakin Boaz and Oliotronix are there with live sets – the latter playing with old toys and homemade sound things. Some game consoles and a racing game with mini robot cockroaches join the dark sound. A worthy finale.

Also today:

Nebula x All End Beginning – Institut für Zukunft, 11:59 p.m. – Techno with Hanna Baertig, Namlitt, Kaspermarott, Salomon, Mörv b2b NVLS, Ener & Pils, Edge of Space, B.trayd, V:Sonntag b2b Ayumi, Mi.roe b2b Murkey FM

R.A.N.D. Muzik Label Evening – Neue Welle, 11pm – House and Techno with Reflex Blue, 3lla, Reece Walker

You Will Have Raved – Ilses Erika, 23:00 Uhr – Techno, Breakbeat, Trance, House mit Low Pass Gate, Destiny’s Mom, HoudaFK, Memeslut420

Sanity 1 year anniversary – Elipamanoke, 11:59 p.m. – Techno and Hardtek with Vendex, Brnksi, Ninette, WSX., Iza, Nightingale, Miss Finster, Hora

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