The trip festival continues in the evening – we have four more tips for the night.

party name: Trip-Festival – Day II
Time: 05/13/2022, 8:00 p.m
Location: UT Connewitz
Acts: Zanias, Ider, Shari Vari, Shikoba

On the second day of the Trip Festival, it’s off to UT Connewitz. Zanias is there as a headliner with her chilled-harsh wave-electro-pop. Her new album “Unearthed” was released last year. But before that, Ider and Shari Vari will ring in the evening with much softer indie electronic pop.

If you want to find out more about the Trip Festival, take a look here – there is an interview with one of the organizers.

Also today:

Long vehicle – New World, 11pm – House with Monty Luke and Sevensol

Cosmic Disco – Mjut, 11:55 p.m. – Wave, Synthpop, Italo Disco, House and more with Benito Bonito, Carmen, Carlo Karacho, Alexander Arpeggio, Herr Dobler, Cara Carpaccio, Rena Volvo, Die Made & Das Dirn, Miriamore, Balearic, Lazar Gun

Sensory – Elipamanoke, 11:55 p.m. – Techno with Phase Fatale, Liziuz, Hang Aoki, Templeton, Lars Goldammer & Kimya, Kalitos, Scherbert & Naitwa aka Liquid

Music Of Color – Distillery, 23 Uhr – House, Soul, Disco, HipHop mit Ra-Min, Vanaenae, Xubii & Carool, Sinh Tai & Big Honey, Colluvisol, Somali Vendetta, Kansi & Mainádes


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