Four good club tips for New Year’s Eve and well into New Year’s Day.

party name: Silvester In Family
Time: 12/31/2022, 10:00 p.m
Location: Distillery
Acts: Shuray & Walle, Filburt, MDMK aka Dahmar & Moritz Kaiser, Thomas Stieler, Nici Palm, Lars Christian Müller, Dilivius Lenni, Andreas Eckhardt, Mike van Goetze, Felipeh, Houdafk, Ninette, Daniel Sailer, Stiqumatique, Weh8mut, 0-Dimensional, Rottnmeier, Sailent Seihmen

To be honest: All clubs have a good New Year’s program – but for the Distillery this is the last year-end party on Kurt-Eisner-Straße. So here is an extra tip. Party with many old and young residents and friends.

Also today:

Changeover – Mjut, 23:55 Uhr – All Styles mit DJ Detox, Miss Take, SK LIBRA, HiHat, DJ Fairytail, Spellya, DJ KARAWAI, Micina, nZKT, 3diz, Antonio Barbetta (Raw Ambassador), Privacy, Heckintosh, ALBA ACAB, Sophiise, Malte Magnum, Spicy dk, DJ YumYum,, Jewelry, Tayo, Sinh Tai, X-Coast, Bunny Tsukino

Hello World – Elipamanoke, 1 Uhr – Surprise-Line-up

MY x NYD – Institut für Zukunft, 2 a.m. – Surprise line-up (9 p.m. long)

N.Y.R. – Once Upon A Time In Reudnitz – Kulturlounge, 10 pm – Minimal, Tech-House Breaks with Natalie Luengo, Voeller, Zoch, Sylvester Stallone


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