The official trailer for Rumble Through the Darkthe upcoming action thriller Lionsgate starring Golden Globe nominee Aaron Eckhart.

The video features Eckhart in the role of a old fighter without gloves who must return to the ring for the biggest fight of his life in order to save his family’s home.

Check out the Rumble Through the Dark trailer below:

Rumble Through the Dark is directed and produced by brothers Graham and Parker Phillips from a script written by Michael Farris Smith, based on Smith’s novel The Fighter. Joining Eckhart are Bella Thorne as Annette, Ritchie Coster as Baron, Amanda Saunders as Young Maryann, Joe Hursley as Skelly, Mike McColl as Ricky Joe, Derek Russo as Ax, Christopher Winchester as Ern, Marianne Jean-Baptiste as Big Momma Sweet , and more.

The film is scheduled to reach selected cinemas on November 3, followed by its digital and VOD premiere on November 10. It will also be released on Blu-ray and DVD on December 19.


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