The connecting line between Helsinki and Leipzig is glowing again. The first album “Transit” by the band Lssns (formerly Lessons) blows a little light into the darkness of our present, it flashes and shines in neon colors.

The two Finnish musicians Samu and Ville Kuuka and the singer Patrick Sudarski from Leipzig have been making music together for a while, but a few years have passed since the release of their first EP “Tempest” on the Berlin indie and pop label Sinnbus . In 2016, this brought together all the musical elements of Lssns, which work so wonderfully together. The band has a penchant for 80s wave music, slightly out of tune synths, metallic drums and urgent basslines. But a good pop hook is also “ok”.

Lssns’ music is catchy without being too overbearing. It comes across as completely natural and unpretentious. All members are not new to the business, but something seems to have clicked in this constellation, which makes Lssns unique. At least that’s how the members describe it themselves. The references are unmistakable, but the songs and arrangements are so good and fresh that a song by the band (any one!) can fit perfectly between a New Order and a Depeche Mode piece, without to stand out.

Take the title “Finish in Silence” for example: a beat construct à la “Running up that hill” (Kate Bush), cheesy synth sounds that somehow sound like a drive soundtrack. And during the chorus the sun just comes up. You can confidently play “Radical Eye” at the next WGT party. A pure wave hit. And the track “Glory” isn’t afraid of a little pathos, including goosebumps synth and “emo” language samples – and that comes along pretty well with the otherwise rather dark mood on “Transit”.

The band members fell into a hole after recording their first EP and a few concerts in selected cities. The pandemic and hard times that all three went through almost led to the project being canceled. One thing can be said: it’s a good thing that it didn’t turn out that way! That Lssns have set out to write new music again and have overcome their own shadows.

It’s already clear to me: “Transit” is one of my favorite records of the year!

The artwork and music videos for the album pick up on what comes to mind when you listen to the record: neo-futuristic-seeming and unclear images in neon colors and VHS optics. Super like!


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