With leading roles in films like The Guest, Significant Other, Watcherand of course the acclaimed It Follows, Nice Monroe has become one of the audience's favorites for genre films, so the news that Neon launched in 2023, They Followsequel to the aforementioned horror hit It Followswas celebrated by fans of the genre.

The sequel that has the return of the director David Robert Mitchelland actress Monroe, repeating her leading role, has not yet begun filming, however, the actress shared the first details about what we can expect from this long-awaited project.

In an interview with Collider on the occasion of the promotion of Longlegsanother highly anticipated horror project from Monroe and Neon, the actress revealed that filming has not started, and that soon we will know which other members of the cast of the original installment will be back in the sequel, in addition to ensuring that the audience will receive “100% something new” in this next chapter of the Mitchell franchise.

Monroe already read the script They Follow and this is what it can reveal:

“But as you know, with the first film I don't take any credit, David is brilliant. I mean, it's brilliant. The whole movie was transformed in that moment. It was changing the game in the genre, and I would never make a sequel if I didn't think it was going to top it. He's very specific, he turns down a lot… He just knows what he wants to do and what he wants to do. I mean, At first I thought, “Oh, a sequel? Where are we going to go here? And I read it and it's fucking good. It's so good. I'm so excited. I think where you'll meet Jay right now may not be what you expected, but it's cool. It's just that, of course, as everyone says about sequels, It's literally bigger, darker and more fucked up. Reading it was the craziest thing ever..”

And Monroe ends by adding:

I am very excited about this role.. It had been a long time since she had so much desire to delve into something. There's a lot to play with and I think it will be incredibly challenging, for sure, but very rewarding. I can't wait to work with David.”

They Follow will once again follow Jay Height, the character played by Monroe in the original 2014 film, a young woman who, after having sex with her boyfriend for the first time, discovers that she will be stalked by a mysterious entity. The only way to temporarily avoid death is to pass the curse on to another person, who will be next on the list followed by the entity.

The original film had a global box office of $21.9 million, with a production budget of $1 million. It Follows It is one of the highest rated horror films of the last decade. It was nominated for the Critics Choice Award for best science fiction/horror film. The film's creative talent has spoken about plans for a sequel, even suggesting that it could take us back to the entity's origins.

Neon is co-producing the sequel with Good Fear Content. Mitchell will produce with Jake Weiner and Chris Bender. The producers of It FollowsDavid Kaplan, Erik Rommesmo, Rebecca Green and Laura Smith return as producers.

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