The Majesty Crush quartet is one of the great examples of the ‘right band, at the right time BUT in the wrong place’, at least if we follow a marketing line of thought and/or how popular they would be IF they were born in England. Otherwise, everything is as it should be and so, two decades after the release of their first and only album, the guys remain practically unknown.

The band emerged at the threshold of the 90s and only lasted until 1995, but opened for groups like Mazzy Star, Royal Trux e Verve. His music, based on shoegaze / dream pop, was enriched with influences from the soul music of his homeland (Detroit) – especially in David Stroughter’s vocals and in the bass lines of ex-Spahn Ranch Hobey Echlin; they had ‘everything to work out’, however…

They happened to sign a contract with a subsidiary of Warner, Dali Records, which did not make the least effort to publicize the sensational Love 15, the record mentioned in the first paragraph of this short text and which, lo and behold, broke shortly after putting the album on the market. Then the lust ended, and when the lust ends in full youth, there is no dialogue that solves it. It was the end of Majesty Crush.

But Love 15 it was the mark they left on the music underworld, where it remains to this day waiting to be discovered by aficionados. While the band is – in the genres or sub-genres in which it is labeled – one of the few to have blacks in its formation (like A.R. Kane and The Veldt, for example), the album, due to its extra-rock references and Stroughter’s lyrics – which talk, among other things, about pornography and heroin -, bears similarities with works by another Yankee band, this one outside the gazer ghetto , O Afghan Whigs.

Well, the message was given and now it’s up to you: discover (or rediscover) the troubled teenage love of Majesty Crush. Listen on the stalk!


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