Another streaming service joins the ban on sharing account passwords. Shortly, MAX users will no longer be able to share their passwords of access to the streamer, joining the strategies previously imposed by Netflix and Disney+.

The information was revealed by JB Perrette, CEO and president of global streaming and gaming at Warner Bros. Discovery, during Morgan Stanley's 2024 Technology, Media and Telecommunications Conference in San Francisco, CA. (via The Wrap). Perrette also confirmed that the measure will launch later this year, with a wider rollout in 2025.

“We believe that, relative to the scale of our business, it is a significant opportunity.”

Two years ago, Netflix became the first streamer to prohibit its users from sharing passwords, forcing each user who does not live under the same roof to create their own account and thus, generating a new source of income for the platform. The strategy worked in their favor, and so Disney+ followed in their footsteps – they already announced that they will implement the password ban – and now, the renewed MAX.

As if this were not enough, the Max Terms of Servicelast updated on February 27, currently include some points about the possible consequences of sharing passwords. Max states that to limit account sharing, features may be disabled or suspensions and terminations may occur. Suspending password sharing accounts seems counterproductive because it would eliminate both the paying and non-paying user. The exact excerpt that Max provides about password sharing is shared below:

“We may modify access or disable features, including for security reasons, to limit the impact of sharing accounts outside your home or when we have concluded, in our discretion, that there has been misuse of your Max Account. If suspension or termination occurs, you must stop using the Platform. If a Subscription Provider suspends or cancels your Subscription and/or access to all or part of the Platform, you agree not to create another Max Account or attempt to access the Platform without permission and such Subscription Provider reserves the right to block any such attempt. of this type of access to the Platform.”

Between multiple increases in subscription/monthly/annual costs of the platforms, advertisements within movies and series, more restrictions for users, and no visible improvements in their catalogs and interfaces, we cannot help but wonder, will users be consumed by anger and fatigue or will they play along with the streamers? At the rate we're going, this already looks more like pay cable TV than what was once presented as a great option over such cable services.

One thing is for sure. Max isn't the first streamer to restrict password sharing, and he won't be the last.


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