Breaking the routine of the ‘old records’ (laughs, many laughs) that go through the PCP, we bring to light today Sleep, and I will singthe recently released album by the Russian favorites of the house Motorama.

I confess that I missed the Rostov-on-Don trio tram since Poverty (2015), but I invariably lose trams in the midst of the immense musical thicket that is the post-internet world; it’s a lot of land to plow and not enough hoe, but fuck you and lets go to what matters.

Russia’s post-punk (especially the one with the most prominent dark vein) has long ceased to be a mystery, today even the endless annoyance that is Kino has been praised on sites around the world and Motorama, which is part of this broth , comes with the passing of the years and records moving away from these shadows (hahaha) and getting closer to the sound of bands like Felt, Go-Betweens and Smiths, from that moment when post-punk and jangle crossed helping to kick off in eighties indie rock.

Maybe, just maybe, they’re leaving that more gothic side for their Russian-sung side projects, because Sleep, and i will sing it shines with such light that it is (laughs), even more so if placed next to releases by fellow countrymen Human Tetris and (the annoying and idolized) Molchat Doma.

Well, apart from unnecessary comparisons, this new delicious album from Motorama has been playing a lot around here in the last two weeks, and as we like to share with you what is going on in our virtual record player, here it is.

Listen on the stalk!


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