The extremely talented Leipzig composer and producer Philipp Rumsch brings us new music – the first single of his new project Wylid Node.

The artist’s last release with the Philipp Rumsch Ensemble on Denovali still resonates and I have very good memories. Unfortunately, I was never lucky enough to see the ensemble live, because the performances are said to have been the ultimate shit.

Philipp’s new project is called Wylid Node and his first single “Greyhound” has just been released on his own label Nynode Intermedia. It is a special release in many ways. Philipp came up with the first ideas for the project during his one-year stay in Iceland in 2020, which he used to create new music – alone or together with other fellow musicians. The fact that the artist is now not releasing music under his own name, but is launching a new project name, underscores the collaborative nature of the project. And so the list of musicians involved in “Greyhound” is international and long. Vocals by Ayen GL, Jörg Wähner on drums, Rakhi Singh on violin and Paula Wünsch on double bass. The music was produced and recorded in Dolby Atmos, which makes the sound experience even finer and more spatial, especially on headphones. So far so nerdy. But how does it sound now?
actually the music?

Roughly speaking, the whole thing can be booked under avant-pop. The music could also be classified less vaguely between neoclassical and darkened pop music à la Ghostpoet. Spoken word lyrics over meaningful strings, bell-like and repetitive sounds over prog-rock drums, plus light electronic gimmicks. Icelandic heaviness and a little residual darkness from 2020?

The path is definitely one that leads down. To a place where the sun doesn’t necessarily shine all the time. In terms of sound, the piece actually turns out to be very cinematic on headphones and so you should ideally listen to it.

Best of all with the impressive video in super slow motion by Tobias Schütze. It remains exciting to see in which context the project will be presented in 2024, because that is when Wylid Node’s mini-album will be released. A live implementation is also already being worked on.


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