The film and television company, Skydance has signed an agreement with the brothers Andy Muschietti y Bárbara Muschiettifor launch a division dedicated entirely to horror projects. This division is called nocturnalaccording to THR reports.

The Muschietti brothers are behind the development of horror titles such as Mama (2013), and the successful horror saga IT. They also made The Flash (2023). Andy Muschietti works as a director, while Bárbara works as a producer.

The source explains:

The Muschiettis will be co-owners of the label – Nocturna – and will be in charge of its creative direction. Nocturna will focus on high-quality genre features for global audiences, both in theaters and streaming, with the goal of producing two films per year.”

And the first project is already in preparation.

This is the film titled They Will Kill Youwhich has a script written by Kirill Sokolov y Alex Litvakcon Sokolov (Why Don’t You Just Die!) also signed as director.

Sokolov's trademark, black humor, will be a fundamental part of They Will Kill You:

“It is a horror film mixed with Sokolov's dark humor, and tells the story of a woman who answers an ad seeking help to be a housekeeper in a mysterious skyscraper in New York City, without realizing who is entering a community that has seen a number of disappearances over the years.”

Skydance's David Ellison, Dan Goldberg and Don Granger will produce alongside the Muschiettis and former Orion executive Dan Kagan. Russell Ackerman and John Schoenfelder will also produce on behalf of Nocturna.

Regarding the creation of Nocturna, the Muschiettis said in a statement to the media:

“Under this division, we are excited to offer the full range of emotions that our films contain: heart, humor and horror.”

Dana Goldberg, creative director of Skydance, joins the conversation:

Andy and Barbara are visionary filmmakers who have mastered the art of horror films that connect with global audiences, and David [Ellison] and I, along with the entire Skydance team, are thrilled to partner with them on the launch of Nocturna. It’s fitting that They Will Kill You is our first project, as it perfectly encapsulates Nocturna’s mission to deliver unique and entertaining horror experiences that will live in audiences’ nightmares for years.”


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