When we realize our impermanence in this world the only possible option is to achieve everything we want now, at this very moment, because as those guys from Liverpool would say 'tomorrow never knows'.

In 2019 Janet Weiss left Sleater Kinney after more than two decades holding the band's drumsticks; Shortly after, he was in a car accident that broke his legs and collarbone and just as he was beginning to recover, the Covid-19 pandemic hit. She could have thought 'fuck, my life is over', but instead she realized (or felt) what I wrote in the first paragraph, so she called her old friend and musical partner Sam Coomes, locked themselves in the house and thus the band/duo that In the 90s, they formed the seminal Quasi.

In 5 days of 2020, the two composed and recorded Breaking the balls of historywhich was later handed over to the production of John Goodmanson and in February 2023 came into the world via Sub Pop.

The album is a reflection of both the dark era in which it was written and Janet and Sam's desire to play and show the world – and themselves, of course – that they were alive, so it's an intense record, almost (hahaha) a scream, a noisy and politicized mess.

Apart from all this, it is proof of the chemistry between the two, since they hadn't worked together for ten years and still recorded a great album, which in fact has been the rule in Quasi's career since R&B transmogrificationback in 1997.

Without further ado, turn up the volume, listen Breaking the balls of history on the stalk and feel life flowing through your veins. Nobody knows about tomorrow…

Source: https://pequenosclassicosperdidos.com.br/2024/01/06/quasi-breaking-the-balls-of-history-2023/

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