August 11, 2023 – Red, white & blue blood taken from the book of the same name by Casey McQuiston, who like Jenny Han in “Summer in your eyes” gives us an appearance in the film. A matter of a few days for the film to go viral. So let’s see together how he managed to depopulate, filling any FYP of us mere mortals.

Red, White & Blue Blood: Plot

Alex (Taylor Zakhar Perez) is the son of the first President of the United States of America, Ellen (Uma Thurman). A guy who loves to party and share like-catcher posts. Apparently though, because Alex is something else. He would simply like to show what his mother is worth, to help in the 2020 re-election campaign thanks to his ease, intelligence and dedication.

Henry (Nicolaz Galitzinelisten)) is the heir prince to the throne of England. Caged in a monarchical scheme that oppresses him more and more, he would simply like to breathe a little freedom. When the two meet for a royal wedding and end up falling to the floor with a pie in the face, the image of the White House is in danger of being ruined. The boys, therefore, who have hated each other since the first meeting years before, are forced to contain the damage by giving interviews and participating together in various diplomatic events.

Henry and Alex: Chemistry question

A film about which there is little to rant. Well done, faithful to the book as far as possible starring a love story that would thrill even the most cynical. Everything contributes to a single goal: to tell the story between Alex and Henry, which NO, is not inspired by Prince Henry of England.

This is what forms the backdrop to the film, the absolute protagonism of the two fearlessly triumphant boys in the scene, without ever prevailing over each other. Although Nicolaz Galitzlinewho also recently starred in Purple Hearts –delves deeper into the role, Perez gives us an exciting, funny, ironic Alex completely immersed in self-discovery.

Watching the film you immediately notice the chemistry between the two protagonists. It is undeniable that the choice of actors was perfect in making the most of this story. We immediately know Henry and Alex, one caged in the monarchical scheme of England, the other who from nothing has come to have everything, including popularity. Thanks to a roundup of events (hasty, but for the purposes of the objective) we slowly see the growth of feelings. Perhaps Thurman’s weight is being felt, but nothing can counter the two’s climb towards mutual passion, nor Alex’s touching and powerful speech.

Red, white & blue blood: free to interpret

There is the theme of the meeting/clash that returns (two initially antagonistic characters become lovers) and the risk of being extremely didactic is lurking, it is true; self-discovery, the strength to follow one’s instinct, one’s heart and the desire to establish oneself, however, hold up the product well. Even if we fall into the already seen narrative scheme of the classic rom-com, we are the ones who can interpret and enjoy the film as we see fit. We internalize this story, one of the most idealized in recent years, the way we like it, and this is how the film achieves its goal.

Done for nothing obvious by the way. We think in this of films like “First Love”, ends in themselves, without a real message for the viewer and that we forget the next day due to the narration of simple events in succession and the most obvious ending of the story.

Red, White & Blue Blood: Will there be a sequel? What about the full 3 hour version?

Red white and blue blood: croissant scene

Now, we can first of all say that this film is a well deserved 8+. After that, we’d like to answer the question that’s been driving the web crazy: NO! The 3 hour version of the film will not be releasedalso because it doesn’t exist. Director, Matthew Lopez, as well as confirming the strong complicity between the two protagonists during filming, he stated in an interview that the news that has spread among fans is unfortunately false. At most, a shot of 2 hours and 45 minutes was made. However, Lopez decided to cut by deleting all the unnecessary scenes without Henry and Alex.

The heart of the story is Henry and Alex, and they had to be the absolute protagonists, in everything. This is how they give us fun and never out of place pearls (even if the film was then forbidden to minors because of a scene – but let’s not go into this because many rom-coms that are the same but with “different” actors have not been censored and are very worse).

At least Prime gave us the whole thing croissant scene! Because Prime gives us emotions, as it did with the release of the second season of Good Omens, which we talked about a few days ago. To see this scene, just go on the profile Tik Tok of the streaming service.

What can I say, we are just waiting for a second film which, since there is no sequel to the book, according to Lopez must be absolutely well studied. The operators proposed: Red, White & Royal Wedding o addirittura Red, White & Royal Baby. We’ll see, in the meantime correct to see it if you haven’t already, otherwise watch it another 3, 4, 100 times and fall in love.


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