Alice in Borderland, two years and twelve days later, finally lands on Netflix with a second season definitely not to be missed. At the helm we find again Shinsuke Sato who directs a much more raw season, without however changing the imprint left by the first.

In this case Sato focuses much more on games, what the public basically expects from a series of this genre, because a bit like in Squid Game, yes, fantasy and suspense are at the base, but if we look at a survival game that we have to see. The skill lies in sending the message and creating the story telling during construction, just like the good does Shinsuke Sato.

Like any work, however, the pros and cons are felt, and we of Movie Blog we are here to analyze them together. Let’s go step by step.

Alice in Borderland 2: How we broke up

If you haven’t seen Alice in Borderland Season 1, the following lines inevitably contain a spoiler.

With the end of the first season we had left Arisu, Usagi, Chishiya e Kuina grappling with the awareness that unfortunately nothing was finished, despite the fact that they had taken all the cards. Mira had in fact announced the start of the second level where, shortly thereafter, everyone would have to fight to acquire the 12 figure cards. With the start of the second season we are immediately catapulted into an alternative Tokyo under attack by the “King of Spades”intent on killing anyone. Arisu but he knows that he can do it, that he is not only that lazy and technology-obsessed Gamer, but that on the contrary he can save himself and this time he can save his friends too. It all lies in the ability to beat the figures and, above all, the Queen of Hearts.

Alice in Borderland 2: a tiring start

To be honest, the first part of this season, at least up to episode number 3, was not very convincing, made inversely proportional to the first season in which “The Beach” had divided the critics. A sometimes boring part that was saved in the end thanks to the storyline di Niragi and to that fabulous fight scene between Queen e The Last Boss. The fact is that at least the hatter deserved much more as a character, with the potential of the psycho killer, sometimes sociopathic and viscidly affectionate let’s face it, he would have conquered us all. Three episodes characterized by somewhat trivial dialogues, which are resumed only thanks to the return of a character.

Going forward the games become more gloomy and important, we see the old characters we met on the beach and slowly understand their story which, like a sort of Dantesque retaliation, is directly proportional to their end. It is precisely here that the beauty of this series lies, in the knowledge that unfortunately no one can ever change; each of us is the product of the society in which we live and Niragi, Chishiya o Kuzuryu they are proof of this, as well as indeed Arisu. It is useless to hope for a happy ending if until the end you think selfishly. The leader is the product of public opinion, destined to shatter as soon as you meet a stronger personality, capable of dragging the sheep and killing them like lambs at the most opportune moment, just like in the game of the jack of hearts, in the top 3 of the games more beautiful.

So, even if the dialogues are not Oscar-worthy, the second part of Alice in Borderland 2 it’s definitely more persuasive.

Alice in Borderland 2: storyline and characters

A theme that had literally split the critics in the reviews of the first season, was the lack of characters that make their mark. Apart from Arisuthat crazy of Niragi e Queen in fact, the others served more as a completion of the plot. Maybe the good Shinsuke Sato he read these criticisms well because, at least here, we will say that in this round more characters make a contribution to the story. What is certain is that they have not been studied in depth, and it would certainly be nice to know them better, above all Chishiyabut there is a difference and the commitment is to be appreciated.

Alice in Borderland 2: the beauty of the technique

A first applause we want to give to this series is the attention to detail. If you watch the first episode of the first season after finishing the second one you realize that the directors had put a sort of “Easter Egg” right from the start, picking it up masterfully at the end. Not everyone pays attention to detail, as demonstrated by the name of Denver “The Paper House”. The second applause goes to Queen of Hearts. Character perfectly written and perfectly played by Riisa Naka who until the end gives importance to his role, playing with the hearts and minds of the characters. It is precisely in the simple things that the greatest difficulty is hidden.

Finally, big kudos to having given (MAYBE) an answer to a Plot Harmor often annoying. You know how a character never dies even if you throw a bomb at their face? Or when a building falls on him and he rises from the ashes like Iron Man? That’s the Plot Harmor that is, the armor of the plot, the immortality of the person as long as it remains useful to the same. Here, I repeat again MAYBE, we have a reason. And if that were the case, that would be really cool! Let’s just hope the series doesn’t end like this, otherwise it wouldn’t make sense. However, there is hope, also because only 2 or 3 comics have been adapted so far: go big N!

The second season therefore deserves a beautiful 8 and a half also because the photography with those specific shots make the eye look like a video game more than a film, thus reaching the goal.


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